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mountain biker standing next to their e bike in the woods in summer

Six Influential E-Bike Riders on Instagram

An E-bike offers unparalleled access to tricky terrain and steep slopes. They save time and energy on climbs so that you can enjoy the descent, and guarantee that you’ll get to the end of an adventure in spite of fatigue.

E-biking is a brave new world for riders, so it’s great to take a look at how they’re being used by some of the most influential riders in the world of cycle sport in 2018, as well as some keen tinkerers and trail-junkies:

Sam Pilgrim

Sam Pilgrim @sampilgrim is a celebrity of the UK freeriding scene. Recently, however, he’s signed a sponsorship deal with e-bike brand Haibike. E-bikes and freeriding are an unusual combination, but Sam is the biggest name UK rider to make the switch, and a real pioneer: every trick he does on his new e-bike is a first for the sport.

Sam pulling off a 360 on his new Haibike:

Paul Bolton

Hard Enduro is one of the toughest motorbiking formats, owing to the extreme terrain chosen to tax racers to their limits – many don’t make it to the finish line. To keep himself a cut above his rivals, Paul Bolton @paulboltsenduro trains on an e-mtb – his Haibike XDURO AllMtn. Take a look at the most recent model here.

Paul training on his e-bike – and what a view!

Mega day on the bikes today with @lisajay1 #goodtimes #mountains #training #hardenduro

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Guido Tschugg

A big name in mountain biking, Guido Tschugg @tschugg23 was a major player in the German mountain-biking scene, twice participating in Red Bull Rampage, and recent winner of the Masters Mountain Bike World Championships in Andorra (2017). However, for the last few years, Guido has been a pioneer in the world of e-mountain-biking. Now a father, Guido has found that his Haibike XDURO Dwnhill e-mtb helps him still seek the thrills of downhill riding whilst getting past the grind of the ascent more efficiently than ever before.

Here’s Guido at his best, scrubbing his e-bike over a slope for minimum airtime: 


Jani @mythosebike is an ambassador for Liv, the award-winning women’s cycling brand. A cyclist for 11 years, Jani developed an interest in e-bikes after the birth of her son. She writes a blog highlighting upcoming e-bike tournaments and reviewing e-bike routes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, so if you fancy a continental adventure, check her blog out here.

Jani exploring the #9 trail at the Ritten, South Tyrol: 

Bruno Bari

Bruno of @electricbikepower is an electric vehicle designer and builder with a growing following on YouTube and Instagram. He’s a keen hacker, modder and converter of e-bikes, so if you’re looking to dabble in de-restricting your e-bike (disclaimer: not road-legal in the UK/EU), or just want to check out a complete madman making some of the most powerful e-bikes to grace the earth, follow him now.

Bruno and friend play Frankenstein by bringing a converted e-bike to life: 


Laetitia @hopeinmotionlife shows that e-bikes aren’t just for getting to the slopes faster – they’re a game-changer for people with physical disabilities that would otherwise prevent them from enjoying the outdoors. A seasoned cyclist, having cycled a mind-boggling 40,000km around the world, Laetitia recently developed ankylosing spondylitis (AS), an inflammatory disorder causing her crippling pain in her lower back. E-biking has proven to be a great way to manage the chronic pain of AS, and has given an extra lease of life to her adventures.

Here’s Laetitia exploring the Sierra Nevada on her e-bike: 

It may be the atmospheric pressure? Or the dryness? Or the sunny weather? …but these past few days my AS (Ankoylosing Spondylitis) is being much more silent than usual! Let’s hope it stays like that! ❄️ Snowy view of the Sierra Nevada on the background of olives orchards! ☀️ #hopeinmotionlife . . . @goreapparel @veloplus @riesemuller _______________ #pedalforever#adventurecycling#invisibleillness#welovenature#biketouring#shewentwild#neverstopexploring#wanderlust#worldbybike#outsideisfree#getoutstayout#cicloturismo#exploretocreate#cyclinglife#ortlieb#passionpassport#ebike#staywild#bikewander#worldnomads#ankylosingspondylitis#curearthritis#rieseandmuller#roamtheplanet#optoutside#tandemsports#veloplus#timetoplay#gorebikewear

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