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Plan Your E-bike Mountain Biking Holiday

Getting back to nature doesn’t mean cutting yourself off from all tech.

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If you’d love to go on a real back-to-earth adventure, just you and the wind against your skin, but don’t want the exertion of the long bike ride, e-bikes can give you the same thing for less effort. You can go further and faster on an ebike/e-mountain bike, pushing the limits of what the human body is usually capable of. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a workout, but it stretches your capabilities further so you can see and do more on your journey. Many travel agencies exist that understand the needs of e-bike travellers, and will make sure you always have access to a charging point when you need it. They know the specifics of how to do repairs and replace parts on these vehicles, as well as general bike travel basics; how to take care of riders who’ve spent upwards of 5 hours in a saddle.
So don’t go for a general bike travel agency when there are e-bike travel experts available to book through right here in the UK. We’ve prepared a run-down of the top 5 to prove it.

Approx £500-£1100
Offers 160 tours throughout Europe
A team of experts that have connections with travel agencies across Europe. You will be ‘matched’ with someone who can find your perfect holiday according to all your needs, particularly those of riding an e-mountain bike, and arrange everything for you. Their website has a ‘trip prep’ section with extra information, but your representative will answer every question you have. Their Youtube channel, also called, has snippets of footage from their tours.
Featured tour: Castles of Transylvania: Architecture, Culture, and Nature
7 nights at 30 miles per day. Mountains, valleys, villages and forests. Highlights include visits to Saxon and Renaissance era castles, churches and villages, and glimpses of the traditional life the rural locals preserve.

Saddle Skedaddle

Approx. £600-£1600
Offers 44 tours throughout Europe
A travel agency run by two explorers who really value ‘pedalling through, not just passing by’. Their tours are built on the premise of really getting to know the place you visit by taking the time to notice things, and living as the locals do. You can go self-guided, where everything is organised by you take yourself on the journey, or travel with a group of 6-15 people with a guide.
Featured Tour: France, Dordogne, Caves and Castles: Self-Guided Leisure Cycling Holiday

8 days at your own pace, rated as a low difficulty trip. Caves, grottos, castles, traditional villages. Along the journey you’ll be stopping to notice cave art and signs of early settlement, as well as delightful bakeries and cosy accommodation at night. The only catch (if you could call it that) is the minimum of 2 people needed to book the trip.



Approx. £400-£1600
Offers 67 tours throughout Europe
Headwater offers walking, cycling and e-bike holidays, and love to add ‘hidden extras’ to their tours, so that you’ll tick off the must-see sites and also be delighted by the little things while travelling between them. They’ll also pick up and drop off anything you buy on your journey, so you don’t have to worry about lugging around that case of wine you impulse-bought.

4 nights of self-guided cycling, suitable for beginner cyclists. All breakfasts and evening meals included – and the latter are all around 4 courses in the very best gastronomic restaurants! Each night will be at a different hotel (one of which used to be a royal residence), each with a pool, and the days are spent travelling through forests and villages, stopping to try wines.


Responsible Travel

Approx. £400-£1900
Offers 28 tours throughout Europe
Responsible Travel have been providing all kinds of crazy experiences for 20 years, from swimming with dolphins to treehouse holidays. They work with locals in mind, to support them and allow you to really experience the place you visit – this is responsible tourism in action.


Travel for 5 days alongside a disused railway line through Croatia. Olive groves, caves, forests, villages, valleys, historical points of interest. Breakfasts and hotels are included. Visit museums, galleries, ruins, and even a Roman forum. This tour combines glorious views of the countryside with insights into both modern and ancient life in a beautiful country which is often overlooked. Mountain e-bikes specifically will be useful here, due to the huge variety of terrain.

Wheel 2 Wheel

Approx. £900 for the holidays and £90 for ebike rental
Offers 123 tours throughout Europe
Wheel 2 Wheel offers a huge range of self-guided e-bike tours. The tours involve plenty of stops along the way, so that you are always headed for an achievable goal, rather than spending all day in the saddle. This means that their tours are better suited to people who want to cycle for a cheap and healthy way to get around, rather than people who are cycling for a challenging fitness goal.

Featured Tour: Mariehamn Trail and Aland Islands Self-Guided Cycling Holiday (Finland)

8 days self-guided cycling tour, with breakfasts and some dinners included. Highlights include experiencing the Finnish sauna lifestyle, ferry trips between the islands, monastery ruins, and local museums. This tour is very thorough and covers a surprisingly large number of the 1000s of Finnish islands. The roads are mostly paved and level, making this the perfect trip for a beginner using an e-bike.


Finally, 3 vital mountain ebike accessories to take with you:

Practical mountain biking backpack:

Ultrashang Multi-Function Backpack


An ultralight waterproof backpack perfect for travelling by ebike. It’s 9 pockets allow plenty of space for your repair kit, as well as other accessories you’ll be taking on your journey. It’s design allows you to insert a water bag, and there are reflective strips for riding at night. It’s entirely adjustable and is made of a breathable material, so food and paper stored inside won’t get soggy. The back and straps are also cleverly designed to prevent chafing.


Downhill mountain bike tyres:

Kenda K816 Tyre

£10.96 each
The chunky tread makes this tyre ideal for your mountain e-bike, and it’s not so chunky that it’s inappropriate for street/road use, which makes it perfect for most of the multi-terrain tours offered above. It’s not perfect for wet weather, though, but that shouldn’t be a problem for your tours in sunny summer Europe.


Mudguards for mountain bikes:

SAVFY Mudguard Easy-fit for Mountain Bike Rear

Lightweight, adjustable, durable and easy to install and remove – what more can you ask from a mudguard? Mudguards are extremely useful on a long journey over different kinds of terrain. They help to keep you clean and dry, and also protect the ebike from a fair amount of muck. They also protect those riding behind you from the stuff your wheels kick up.

Thinking about holidaying somewhere cold? Look at our gear recommendations for cold weather e bike adventures.