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Buy a Marin Bike for momentum on mountains

Built in California for bike-packing anywhere

If you want to go on a bike-packing adventure and cycle through all weathers then you need to get your hands (or feet, rather) on a Marin bike. They are strong enough to take you mountain biking with the ultimate power and reliable enough to keep you safe in the natural valleys and high inclines.


Marin Bikes – THIS IS MARIN from Marin Bikes on Vimeo.

Marin County California is the birthplace of mountain bike culture, and home to many of the people and places that have shaped the sport since those first informal, now-legendary, races down Mt. Tamalpais. Marin Bikes was founded in 1986 during the earlier days of mountain biking, and today offers a complete line of mountain, pavement and kid’s bikes.


Brought on sale right as mountain biking rocketed in popularity back in the 80s, this bike is a classic and one that is needed for all regular cyclists. Most of the dealers are based in the United States but in the UK there are many bike shops that sell them, and you can find the ones near you by using their ‘find a store’ function on their website.

On their website, you can find all ranges of bikes, and if you want a mountain bike, then there is either hardtail or full suspension to choose from. You can find different styles of the bike under each kind.

Full suspension

If you choose one with full suspension, then you have a large choice; they have Wolf Ridge, Attack Trail, B-17, Rift Zone, Hawk Hill, and Hawk Hill JR.2 on sale.

Wolf ridge pro bike by marin

Wolf Ridge Pro


If you need some phenomenal momentum for hill inclines, then this range of bikes is definitely worth a try. You can travel around at speed with ease, with controlled pedalling.


If you want hardtail then you can take a look at the Pine Mountain, Nail Trail, Bob Cat Trail, Wild Cat Trail, Bolinas Ridge, and the Alcatraz.

Bolinas Ridge mountain bike

Bolinas Ridge


Each bike has a great grip which makes riding it very stable and controlled. If you’re looking for a women’s bike, then give the Wildcat Trail a try, as that has Women’s Fit Geometry which suits female body dimensions and makes it easier to ride for some.


If you don’t want prolific features for mountain biking, and you would prefer a pavement bike or one for the children, you can find ranges suitable for them, too. Marin bikes cater for any bike riders with their high quality and are perfect for journey’s that are on the road rather than uneven surfaces.

There is a wide selection of choices for pavement bikes and they each have the ability to be ridden in all weathers and on different kind of roads or routes.  


Flat bar bikes are perfect for a daily commute as they are designed to ride extra smoothly, being lightweight which gives you added power. In this range, there is the Speed + Commute, Dual Sport, Dual Sport Electric, Muirwoods, City + Sport, Stinson, and Nicasio RC.

Speed + Commute road bike black

Speed + Commute road bike

If you want a Drop bar then you can try Gestalt, Nicasio, Cortina AX, Four Corners. They have tyres to cope with any surfaces you may cross. The build makes these bikes easy for steering, and able to pick up speed for times when you need it!

Go electric

An E-bike is also available on the website, and that one is the Dual Sport Electric. If you want an easy commute and stylish frame, then this Marin bike is the one for you!

If you want to take the family out on a biking adventure, then you can get a Hawk Hill Jr for the kids! They are lightweight so will make your child an independent rider as they will be under control with both riding, and carrying this style of bike. It is appropriate for both hills and even surface with its tuned suspension. Don’t worry about when the bike will last until, either, because it is possible to change the size of wheels so the children won’t outgrow it for a while!

Dual Sport Electric

Dual Sport Electric

Each model has different styles to choose from, which makes the selection attractive to a variety of bike lovers.

On the website, you will find a magnitude of deals which means that you can find the bike that is suitable for any situation that you need it for. Whether that is to commute to your daily job, improve your biking skills, or take the family on a bike ride for pleasure.


Don’t miss out, make sure that you take a browse on www.marinbikes.com to find the best bike for you. It won’t be hard – there is something for every bike rider out there!

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