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20 Essential Mountain Bike Accessories

You can’t start without…

If you’re a beginner to the world of mountain biking and need some accessory advice, then look no further. Here are 20 essential mountain biking accessories you may be interested in:

  1. Giro Chronicle Helmet with MIPS – £89.99 – £99.99


A helmet is one of the most important mountain bike accessories you need, as a tumble on the trail can leave you concussed or even worse. The Giro Chronicle Helmet with MIPS is an extremely comfortable mountain bike helmet with Coolmax padding, excellent ventilation, and very durable outer shell protection.


  1. Osprey Synchro 10 Rucksack – £64.99

It’s crucial that you bring a backpack to any mountain biking session, as you’ll need to bring an assortment of things on your trip. Hydration packs are an even better option, as they combine a traditional backpack and a water hydration pack so that you don’t need to carry a separate water bottle. The Osprey Synchro 10 Rucksack is a lightweight day pack that is hydration compatible, has chest and waist straps, good ventilation, and a built in rain cover.



  1.     Pedro’s Tyre Levers – £4.99


Tyre Levers make it so much easier to change your tyres in case of a puncture. Pedro’s Tyre Levers are £4.99 on Amazon, have a variety of colours, and are also backed by Pedro’s lifetime warranty.




  1.     TEKTON Digital Tyre Gauge – £21.58


Tyre Pressure Gauges are used to measure the psi of your tyres and ensure that they are properly inflated. This is especially important with e mountain bikes, as under-inflated tyres will increase the drag along your tyres and significantly impact your e bike’s performance. The TEKTON Digital Tyre Gauge has an instant digital display that provides precise tyre readings and is great value for money.


  1.     Radarlock Path Protective Glasses – £195.00


Protective glasses are crucial for mountain bikers, as they protect you from UV rays, and will also save you from being blinded by a rock or a twig. The Radarlock Path contains high definition optics lenses that protect your eyes from the sun, are extremely durable and impact resistant and are also very comfortable.


  1.      Crudcatcher Mudguard – £7.94

Unless you want a filthy face every time you go out on your bike, you’d better invest in a good mudguard. The Crucatcher is a strong mudguard which can easily be mounted onto your bike with rubber straps, and also comes with a lifetime guarantee.




  1.      Spare Inner Tubes – £3 – £6


You’re bound to come across a puncture at some point in time, and buying a few spare inner tubes to bring along to your biking trips ensures that you won’t be left stranded in the woods. Your inner tube will depend on the size of your wheel.




  1.     Birzman Infinite Apogee with C02 Inflator – £34.99


A mini pump should be lightweight, easy to use, and ideally C02 compatible. The Birzman Infinite Apogee is all of these things – it is compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves, allows for the use of a C02 cartridge for speedier inflation, and offers a max pressure of 160 psi.  



  1.      Crank Brothers Multi-17 Bike Tool – £23.45 – £43.96


The multitool is useful to have on hand for any problems that may arise, and the Crank Brother Multi-17 Bike Tool has it all. It is compact, has Allen keys from 2-8mm, a Phillips screwdriver, two spanners, a spoke wrench in four different sizes, and a chain tool.



  1. 160 Piece Premium First Aid Kit – £17.99

It’s vital to bring along a mini first aid kit to patch any bumps, cuts, and bruises that you’ll acquire along the way. This first aid kit comes in green and red, and offers everything including antiseptic wipes, alcohol prep pads, bandages, first aid tape, and even comes with a disposable raincoat.




  1.  Cliff Energy Bar Crunchy Peanut Butter 68g (Pack of 12) – £14.50


Nutrition is important on any mountain biking trip, as you’ll burning thousands of calories cycling vigorously along the trails. You’ll need to replenish those calories, and the Clif Energy Bar is always a classic to go to. Chuck a few into your bag before your trip, and you’ll be good and ready to go.



  1. Fox Head Bomber Riding Gloves – £48


Riding gloves are important to protect your hands from the cold, the rain, your handlebars, and anything you may hit along the way. The Fox Head Bomber Riding Gloves are very comfortable and lightweight, have a Double Clarino palm layer that provides protection from handlebar vibrations, and polycarbonate ballistic hard knuckle pieces that’ll protect your fingers from any debris.



  1.  Madison Addict Men’s Softshell Shorts – £64.99


Invest your money into some good riding shorts and your backside will thank you later. The Madison Addict Softshell Shorts are made with waterproof softshell fabric, have durable knee panelling for maximum protection, and are also made out of extremely breathable fabric.



  1. black waterproof jacketHowie’s Blade Jacket – £75.00


You’ll be bound to encounter rain and wind in the U.K., so wearing a good riding jacket while out will save you a lot of pain. Howie’s Blade Jacket is 100% waterproof, 100% windproof, is made of highly breathable fabric, and also has a nice matte finish to it.





  1.  Gemini Titan Light Set – £233.99

If you’re planning to hit the trails and ride at night, then you’re going to need a very powerful set of bike lights. The Gemini Titan Light Set consists of a 6-cell frame mountable battery pack which has a maximum capacity of a massive 4000 lumens, and is the most powerful light Gemini have built to date.


  1.  Petzl Tikka Head Torch – £27.99

A head torch is useful to have if you’re ever caught out when it’s dark and need to shine some light on a situation. The Petzl Tikka Head Torch has a maximum 100 lumens of brightness, is weather resistant, and very compact and easy to use.




  1.   Madison Alpine MTB Socks – £8.99


Having a nice set of waterproof socks can make you a little more comfortable in the miserable U.K. rain. The Madison Alpine MTB Socks are suitable for riding in the warm and cool weather, and are made of a Primaloft performance yarn that ensures your feet stay dry even in the worst of days.



  1. Thudbuster Quadra Seatpost – £163.99

If you’d like to add more comfort to your bike ride by reducing the vibrations of your saddle, then installing a suspension seat post will do the trick. The Thudbuster Quadra LT Seatpost is an excellent quality option from a great brand that will have your backside thanking you in the long run.




  1.  Draper Digital Multimeter with Backlight – £15.23


This is an essential accessory for those out there with e mountain bikes. A digital multimeter is useful to have for all sorts of tests on your e bike, such as testing the capacity of your battery. The Draper Digital Multimeter is nice and compact, easy to use, and has a large range of features.



  1. Garmin Edge 820 Bike Computer – £279.49


If you’ve got some money to spend and are looking to enhance your mountain biking experience, then consider getting a bike computer. The Garmin Edge 820 offers advanced performance monitoring, fantastic bike-specific navigation, GroupTrack options, and many more features.


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