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How to Tell if an E-Bike is Right for You

E-Bike Advantages

If you’re in a position to wonder if an e-bike is right for you, then it almost definitely is.  E-bikes allow you to pedal when you want, and give you a little boost of power when you need it, opening the world of cycling up to almost every type of person, even people who could never have previously imagined that they could be safe and comfortable on a bike.

The single greatest reason to get an e-bike is that it will increase the amount you cycle, regardless of whether you’re already an avid cyclist.  According to recent study, more than 90% of owners of e-bikes cycle daily or weekly, up from 55% if they had previously owned a bike, and 0% if they hadn’t.



Photo by fbenedict


E-bikes are for everyone, and can be especially great for people who:

  • Aren’t confident road cyclists
  • Live or work in hilly or remote areas
  • Depend on cycling as transport in all weather conditions
  • Want to be able to run errands and handle heavy loads (even at the end of a long day)
  • Care for young riders
  • Have limited mobility from age or physical disability
  • Or just people who would rather focus on simply enjoying the ride, than on figuring out what gear to change to!

With the rise of separated cycle lanes, e-bikes are bringing cycling to people who couldn’t see themselves cycling on roads before.  A whole new world of empowerment and independence is at your fingertips! According to the BBC, e-bikes are set to be a big trend this year.  


Photo by yulia84

Bonus tip:
if you have questions about the legal line between mopeds and e-bikes,
here’s a handy explanatory guide!

Try Before You Buy

No amount of online research can substitute for a few minutes of tire kicking in real life.  At the moment, most adults have never ridden an e-bike, and a little experience goes a long way in making up your mind.  Here are some great ways to get an in-person experience before taking the plunge!

1. Demonstrations at Shops

For most people, the closest place to check out an e-bike in person is a demonstration at a Local Bike Shop.  Shopping locally can help you feel confident that what you’re getting is right for you.


2. Cycle Hire

If you really want to get a feel for road handling, cycle hire is a great way to road test without commitment or pressure to buy on the spot.  If you’re anxious about dealing with a shop, this is a great alternative!


3. Test rides in London

If you happen to live in London, there are regular e-bike test rides as part of the government’s programme to cut traffic congestion and improve health in the capital.


4. Wheels for all

Wheels for All is a national charity that focuses on intersectional accessibility for people with many different kinds of needs.  This is a good option for people who want to cycle, but struggle with factors like balance, reaction time, understanding of the rules of the road, or who need something adaptive in order to be able to ride, like arm pedals, or simply the electronic assistance of an e-bike!

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