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5 E-Bike Travel Destinations You Need to Visit

Cycling trips have become ever more popular in recent years, but with the introduction of e-bikes, it means you can travel farther and enjoy longer cycling trips than with traditional mountain bikes. If you’ve always wanted to take a cycling holiday but thought that perhaps you weren’t yet physically fit enough to handle the rough terrain and steep climbs, then e-bike travel is ideal for you! Here we list just a few of our favourite destinations.


Photo by JordanStimpson

Discover the Lake District

The Lake District is a beautiful location for a cycling holiday, with rolling hills, beautiful landscapes and plenty of quaint B&Bs to relax and recharge. If you’ve always wanted to discover the Lake District by bike but were a bit nervous about the steep inclines, then grab your e-bike and head for the hills! If you’re new to cycling or have never tried an e-bike before, rent one with local company e-venturebikes and let them show you the ropes. If you loved the adventure (and we’re sure you will) then you can also purchase an e-bike right there and then.


Photo by indianabones


Scottish Island Hopping

Scotland has some of the most beautiful and varied landscape in the world and being able to appreciate this by bike is an experience of a lifetime. With the help of your e-bike you can travel farther, tackle those rolling hills and steep terrain, and still be able to appreciate the scenery around you without having to catch your breath. Take a 7-day tour with Hooked on Cycling and visit the Isles of Arran, Jura, Islay and Colonsay. Explore the famous whisky distilleries, ride across quiet country lanes, remote coastal scenes, sandy beaches, and historic landmarks and stay in picturesque hotels where you can rest, recuperate and recharge your e-bike.


Photo by Shogun

Uncover the ‘Real Algarve’

You probably know Portugal’s Algarve region for its beaches, golf and wild party nights, but there is a whole other side to this beautiful part of the world that you can discover by bike. A four-night trip with Headwater will take you to Cabo São Vicente, Europe’s most south-westerly point, Sagres and Lagos and all of this while you appreciate the beautiful landscape and coastline of the Algarve. Ideal for lovers of the outdoors, enjoy the sunshine, coastal views, winding country lanes and hidden villages. If you love bird watching this one is for you as you can spot migratory species from Europe and North Africa.


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Explore Moorish Andalusia

Spain is much more than just a beach destination. With a rich history, a cultural mix of Arabic and European, and an abundance of monuments, Moorish castles and ruins, it’s a biker’s paradise. Take a nine-day trip with Eurobike around Andalusia and explore the southernmost region of Spain by e-bike. Cycle through lush overgrown hills, green river valleys and the wild landscapes of the Sierras as you visit Seville and Cordoba, explore the Alhambra, the Real Alcazar and the Mezquita, savour fresh tapas, drink as much sangria as you like and bask in the warm Spanish sunshine.


Photo by alohamalakhov

Chianti Wine Tasting in Tuscany

Who says you can’t combine cycling with wine tasting? Taking you on a guided tour of Tuscany and the enchanting Chianti wine territory, Cycling for Softies offers a trip full of discovery, beautiful views of Lake Trasimeno, and of course wine tasting! See Italy in style, out in the fresh air, getting some light exercise and discovering new things.

These are just five of the many e-bike travel adventures you can go on, and all of these can also be taken as a mountain bike adventure too (if you’re up for it!).
Let us know in the comments if you have ever been on one of these or if you’d recommend any others!

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