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Packing Light for a Bike Trip: The Essentials

When you’re planning to travel by bike, or even e-bike, the rule of packing is simple: less is more. You’ll be surprised at how little you need when travelling by bike, as long as you have the essentials. Everything you take with you carries weight and the more weight you carry, the less fun your trip will be! Here we share some of our tips for your e-mountain bike packing list.


Think about taking clothes that have multiple uses – i.e. you can use them on the bike as well as off the bike, and they look stylish as well as being practical and comfortable. If you’re travelling in cold weather, then layering is the best choice as you can add on and remove clothing as you see fit, and it’ll fold up and fit into your pannier or backpack. If travelling in summer, think lightweight shorts and tunics for ladies, polo tops for men.

Sheffield-based brand Vulpine makes a range of technically advanced, finely detailed, everyday cycling clothing for men and women that is not only functional but looks great too, so you can go from the bike to the pub without needing to change.




If you’re planning to stay in hotels during your bike trip, then you won’t need to stock up with as many toiletries. However, if you’re camping out then you’ll need the essentials. Think small bottles, multipurpose uses (like 2-in1 shampoo & conditioner, or shower gel & body lotion). Make sure to take wet wipes (they’re just handy for everything), insect repellent (depending on where you’re going), sun cream (the sun burns even in winter), and a towel. Mountain Warehouse stocks micro travel towels in a range of sizes that fold into a very small bag. It’s lightweight, super absorbent and perfect for bike travelling.



First Aid Kit & Sewing Kit

Even if you’re an experienced rider, you never know what could happen when you spend your whole day on a bike. From cuts and scrapes to blisters, it’s always better to be prepared for all eventualities with a carefully packed first aid kid. The sewing kit is ideal in case any of your clothing gets ripped or damaged, as you won’t be taking much clothing with you. Halfords stocks a mini first aid kit that’s small and lightweight enough for you to take on your bike trip, but still has all the essentials you might need. As for the sewing kit, head to the Poundshop and buy one of those tiny travel sewing kits.



Water & Snacks

It’s important to stay hydrated even if you’re travelling by e-bike and not exerting yourself too much. Invest in a great water bottle that’s large enough to carry you through the trip, and pack in some snacks that will keep you going until your next meal. We wrote an article previously about eating well while travelling by bike, make sure to check out some of the tips and ideas on there. The key is healthy snacks with lots of protein that will give you power and keep you going.

Photo by silviarita

Bike Repair Tools

What you need here is very much dependant on the type of bike you are riding. Before heading out, speak to a specialist and find out what kind of tools you’ll need out on the road. Also, check out the route you will be taking and find out if there are any repair shops en route. Clas Ohlson stocks a 21-piece bike repair kit in a handy case.



Chargers & Power Banks

The last thing you want is to run out of phone battery when you’re out on your bike trip. Not only does this mean you can’t call for help in case of emergency, but it also means you can’t take photos of your beautiful surroundings! Make sure to take a reliable power bank and all your chargers so that you never run out of battery.




Let us know in the comments if you have any other essentials, and enjoy your bike or e-bike trip!

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