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Build your own e-mountain bike riding community

E-mountain bikes are more fun when you have some pals to ride along with.

Short of convincing all your friends to take up your hobby, there are a number of other ways to connect with other riders and build your own riding community.

Charity events and races

You can host your own e-mountain bike racing event for charity or attend one that someone else has organised.

More Dirt has a list of upcoming UK e-mountain bike races. Cycle for Charity helps you organise your own charity event.

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Finding people on forums

There are some emerging forums for e-mountain bike enthusiasts where you may be able to connect with local people in your area.

Here are a couple:

Putting up a notice at work

Write about your riding event on a post-it or print a notice that you can stick on the communal notice board at your work.

Try listing a specific date, location and time for a ride rather making it too open-ended. This is also a good way to make more friends at work.

Going on Meetup

Events website Meetup is very popular with anyone searching for like-minded people to connect with in their local area.

You can start your own e-mountain bike meetup for free, or tag along to an existing meetup if you can find one. Events are usually free to attend and regularly scheduled.

Here’s a list of e-bike meetups around the world.


Try putting a call-out on classified ads website Craigslist in your local area asking for others to join you on an e-bike ride. Be specific, light-hearted and friendly.


Social media site Facebook is a fantastic resource for finding online groups of all sorts – just search e-bike or e-mountain bike in the search bar to find groups.

Here are some to get you started:

Rent bikes with friends

There are several places that rent out e-mountain bikes along with regular pedal bikes. These will tend to be located in tourist areas like the Shropshire hills or the Peak District.


Google e-bike rentals online near where you want to go.

Final remarks

Talk to people while you’re out riding and you’re bound to make some friends you can arrange rides with. Ask people about their rides and what sort of trails they normally go on.

If you’re arranging outings with strangers over the internet, always meet up in public first. Don’t give out your home address and be careful!

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